Monday, 28 January 2008

Accommodation in Hull

I think I have delayed this post for very long time, someone will eventually fly here to kill me :p

I have been staying here for more than 3 months since Sept. 2007. At first it does not look like this at all. Thanks to Pia (my landlady, I know she spent a lot) and me :p

Now, it looks pretty.

This is my room. A bed, a big table, 2 chairs, a wardrobe and 2 drawers.

I sleep here, work here, suffer here (doing project) and play here. I almost spend 24 hours in this room. Luckily it is not like a pig grid with mud in it. Thanks to Dani who always keep it clean.

This is where we create our very own dishes, dishes that do not belong to anybody but us. We steamed our western+eastern "siew mai" here; we cook "Lam Mee", and a lot more to go in this kitchen.

I will show you guys how our "Siew Mai" looked like in future ;)

This kitchen just renovated recently. That's why it looks so nice and warm in this winter. Besides some gay guys are touching it all the time, it still pretty. No holes on the walls or cabinets around. I am sure.

Corridor and stairs.

Common Room

Common Room

Bathroom is still pending on renovation. Will show you guys after Easter, perhaps.

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