Wednesday, 23 January 2008


As I finished playing Bioshock - THE Game Of Year 2007, I can finally write something about it.

BioShock can be considered as a First-Person-Shooter type of video game, mixed with horrifying scenes and story line. Really, it's kind of weird when a game frightened you. There are only few games out there that able to do this.

About the story line, Bioshock delivers it very nice and smooth throughout the game. With an encapsulated underwater world, fills with mutated zombies, it created good scenery.

Rapture - the name of that hidden city is going through what world has gone through in 40's and 50's - civil war. And Jack (player) has been dragged into it with a conspiracy behind it.

Same as other games, there are some 60's-looking weapons ready for us to use from time to time. However, this time, with different type of armor, it gives us plenty of choices. With different armor, there is different effect for different opponents.

Besides, Plasmid - an ability gained from genetic engineered research, gives us some abilities we wish to have in real world. We can put any loose item on fire, even enemies; we can shock our foes with high power; we can even use telekinesis on grenades, bomb, or human body.

With these plasmids and those ordinary weapons, we can use a lot of combinations in the game. This further enhances the game play.

To be honest, if you have a computer or a Xbox, please go and get one.

Yee Haa~ Lets play another round.

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