Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year~

It's still early for me to wish everybody Happy new year. But, who cares? Most of my friends are not staying in this time zone. For them, I am already late for the wishes anyway.

So, I'm still going to do this…

Happy New Year ~~

It's 2008~

Truthfully, 2007 is not really a bad year for me. God treated me quite well.

At least, I'm now in U.K. further my study.

I think now should be time for me to recap what I have done this year.

  1. 1st place should always reserve for big thing. I came to U.K to further master course.

This was my yearly wish since 2005 and now I did it.

  1. I came to U.K. with Dani.
  2. I went to Hong Kong with my best friends - Leong Wai, WenQi and of course Danielle.

This is the first time I travel with them from Malaysia.

  1. Still able to get some work after came to U.K. At least I won't die from hunger.
  2. Visit Edinburgh again and this time, I'm going to stay for 2 weeks (ya, I'm still here).

I celebrated Christmas, Boxing day, and going to celebrate 2008 New Year here.

  1. Completed my very 1st Game related project.
  2. Bought a new laptop.
  3. Erm… get a free phone from my sister? Sony Ericsson K700i..

Ok.. It's neither new nor new model. But, I like Sony Ericsson. What ya going to do to me?? :p

Ya.. All stated above seems doing quite good….. But… who knows the pain behind them?

The uncertainty and pressure behind are the pain in the ass. Ok Ok… It’s new year.. Dun talk about bad stuff.

Happy New Year everybody~


Forgot to make wishes~ New Year… Must make some wishes~

I won't be too greedy. Let's begin.

I just wish I can complete my master with distinction and get a job in U.K. with Dani. And of course, don't let me die for food here :p

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