Monday, 14 January 2008

Tomorrow is the day

Yeah~ tomorrow is the day. Exam.

It is 3.02am and I am writing this entry. I'm supposed to sleep. However, "tomorrow" don’t allow me to do so. I'm still awake is because I need to study.

But but… what am I suppose to study? I have only that little clue.

How long have I didn’t pick up a pen and write? It's kind of weird for me now, to use a pen to write. Nowadays, PC has already filled up my life. Report-writing, net-surfing, chit-chatting, movie, music, Yeah, music….. All being done by computer.

Will I panic when I try to write tomorrow? May be…

Can I dig something out of my head tomorrow? Don't know… perhaps "hope so".

God bless me~ *sigh*


  1. Good luck darling... I'll be there for you (and with you).

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