Sunday, 17 February 2008

Chinese New Year Dinner

Since we ate a lot during Chinese New Year eve, we decided to eat less on 1st day of Chinese New Year. But, hey~ it's Chinese New Year. So, we ended up cooking ourselves and planned to cook something different from normal day.

This time, we took sometime to prepare. We cooked "Lam Mee", don't know what is it? Hmm... it is something like prawn mee, soup that boiled from prawn and pork, just that it's not spicy. About the topping, we have prawn for sure, pork, and some vege. Normally, egg will come with it. But some how we forgot about the egg that day :p

Those who knows me - yes, that's not it. We cooked(and bought one) some other food as well.


Egg with Ham

A pair of Scotch Egg

Seems alot? Yeah, it is not a normal day anyway.
It's Chinese New Year ~~~ !!!

Happy Chinese New Year ~!!

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