Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Chinese New Year Eve

As we are not in Malaysia, we can't taste mum's great food during chinese new year. Hence, we decide to have our "re-union" dinner out, to refill our loneliness.

I did not expect any restaurant will close on this day, this is UK anyway. Thus, we did not make any reservation and walked for half a mile to a chinese restaurant called "Golden Gate". I reckon THE god wanted to tease me for the last day of my year, that's why the "Golden Gate" needed to face a close down. Ya, even one week after the CNY, it's still close. The owner must be broke during CNY.

What can we do then? We went back to our lovely house and make sure our next target did pick up the phone before we go. Luckily to say, we still have a bit of luck. The AROMA restaurant was there to serve us. We walked one mile again to get our food. Damn, we were so pissed and hungry that time. If the food is not meet our standard, we planned to burn it down.

Luckily, the food is nice. If not we need to put them on fire and try our very first roasted human. Here is the list of our dinner:

Prawn Cracker???

Fried Prawns (Japanese Style)

Spare Ribs

Wan Tan Soup

Mongolian Lamb

Thai Curry with King Prawns

My favourite: Crispy Duck

Grilled King Prawn with Wine sauce

Squid with Spring Onion and ginger

"Char Sio" Pork

and the last one Dessert~

Yummy Cheese Cake

Anyone want to try?


  1. u guys really gao jiak leh... so many foods... >"<

  2. eii...
    buffet leh~
    and somemore we were so hungry that day.