Saturday, 2 February 2008

Consoles War

There is something cross my mind recently. Besides our laptop and desktop computers, should we get one game console?

Should it be Wii, Xbox 360 or Play Station 3?

Should it be Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony?

Which one to choose?

Truthfully, it is hard to decide. Thus, I decided to do some research and here is what I found out.

Nintendo Wii

This is the first one we kick out from the ring. This doesn’t mean we have no interest in it. Just that both of us have too much interest in it and we both agree that we will surely bring it home one day. But, not now.

It born as a family entertainment system and this is why we plan to buy it after we have a house.

Microsoft XBOX 360 vs Sony Play Station 3

Now, which one to choose? Each of them has their good and bad.

If we look at processor potential, it’s no doubt that PS3 win this section. It uses cell processor, which is the latest technology, and it’s is the fastest among three of them.

As for graphic side, original 80GB PS3 is better for hardware wise. However, Sony has cut it off and replaced it by 2 lower specification units. One with 60GB hard drive with PS2 games backward compatibility and one with 40GB hard drive without the capability.

However, again, Sony leaves the 40GB unit for all of us by taking the 60GB off the shelf. It is really sad news for the entire Sony fan group who still yet to get their PS3, like me.

With the remaining graphic hardware without Emotion Engine and GPU, the remain RSX is able to reclaim PS3 land? Maybe.....

So, what else to compare? Games? Price? Or future potential?

If you ask me, Sony do has a extremely good reputation raised from PS3 ancestor Play Station 2. It won with flying colour during previous generation competition. For sure I will choose it, if we only looking into the hardware perspective.

But… but.. Do you know that how many games are ready for me to play if I choose Xbox 360? There are dozens of them waiting for me and they are gorgeous. Play Station 3? Yeah, it has some games. But not really good one except Unchanted or MGS4 and GTA4 which haven’t release yet, perhaps?

Now you know. It is really hard for us to choose.

One of the reviews reports that PS3 has only half frame rate compares to 360. Is this true? Who knows? But 360 has major hardware issue, and everybody knows that.

Once again, which one to choose? Price? Definitely 360 is cheaper if you really want to compare it. However, do we really care if the different is £100? (Yeah~ for some of us) But, bare in mind that the £100 is for better potential. It may last you for 2 years longer.

Last time to ask this, which one to choose? XBOX 360 or Play Station 3? Or perhaps save the money in bank where it can only last us for 2 months?

By the way, I don’t really care so much of the online gaming and multimedia as I have my desktop prepared for them.

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