Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Earthquake in UK

Truthfully, I didn't know that earthquake happens in UK. Now I do.

While I was writing my previous blog and editting my online CV, earthquake strike. The first thing came across my mind was:" WTF is my house mate doing downstairs? pumping on the wall??"

But later, the table was shaking. 2 seconds later, the walls were trembling. OMG ~~!!!! Mummy~ What is going on??? I was stunned and Dani has awaken from her dream and we were like "What the f**k is going on?" before we noticed it was earthquake.

The car next door was complaining through the siren and my digestive fell down from the cabinet. I don't want to die ~~~ but really, I was quite excited just now. Hey, we can't get this in Malaysia, OK??? At least I have experience it now.

You are from Malaysia or Singapore and want to try it? Come to UK.


  1. i really dont know UK got earth quake.

    im glad u r fine.


    next time earth quake, run outside of the building... ( jacQ taught me that)

  2. Hey, if you think that UK's earthquake is not enough for you, come to Taiwan during summer time. You will have lotsa experience here... :p

  3. Aries: huh?? why? Taiwan has alot?

    YeekChia: haha.. im fine. Thanks.
    i'll hide under the table next time.

  4. yeah~ a lot of earthquake here, during summer time..

    You don't know about the 921 earthquake incident here few years ago?