Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Imagine Cup France 2008

To be quite surprised, our D&D team advance to Round 2 of Imagine Cup 2008.

At first, the project was just meant for one of the module assignment. But, since we have already created the game, why not just summit it, right?

So, we did and it ends up like that we really did it, at least first round. There are only 160 groups can advance to round 2 in the whole world, ok? Not easy for us(really???)

Guess what, we don't really wish to enter round 2. Really. Why? because we realised that we have tons of access course work this semester. 4 projects at a time is not easy to handle. And now we need to take care of Imagine Cup competition? No way~

Actually, our lecturer did mention before that we can use this Imagine Cup competition to replace one of our course work. But after some discussion, we don't think we are going to do that as the language used in that competition has to be C# and XNA, which are not really what the Game Industry is using. Besides, we wonder how the lecturer going to mark it since our project is different from other group?

Take it as a side project is a good idea (at least i try to convince myself), and it will become additional item in my CV, isn't it? If we are so lucky to get through round 2, we can travel to France for presentation and $25000 is waiting for us, Wahahah ~~~~

$25000.00000000000000000 We're coming~

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