Sunday, 17 February 2008

Split Personality or just emotion

Is split personality happens to everybody on this world? Or it happens only on certain people? only on lunatic?

Normal people will have different emotion, is that consider as split personality? Just imagine this. When one try to do something bad, lets say, cut class, will he/she struggle between do and don't? If he/she does, is that means he/she has a split personality of God and Evil?

When a person scared of something or someone, is that his/her another personality? In our normal life, it is not considered as it. But why? What is the difference?

What is split personality? From Wikipedia, its medical term is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or Multiple Personality Disorder. It describes a mental illness in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.

Why human emotion considered as "emotion" and not split personality? Like what I asked, when a person scared of something or someone, he might think of hiding at a corner or try to avoid it from happening. What if the "thing" that he scared has came too close and forced him to think of some other solution? Will he do something else? Chinese idiom says "Forcing the tiger to jump over a wall" (逼虎跳墻) If we can force someone to do something he won't do at normal time, is that means that his second identity has take over the control at that particular moment?

Wikipedia says that
DID needs to associate with memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness. We all heard this before: human brain will tends to block memory that brings extreme pain. There are cases of victims of trauma has no conscious memory of the trauma event. Is that means they has DID?

I think this is a topic we can argue for ages. Just to bring it out for discussion. You can leave comment if you have any answer or idea about it.


  1. As an FYI, I have DID. It is way different than emotions, or wrestling with decisions, or doing something out of the ordinary.

    It is scary, because you aren't you. You do things, say things that aren't out of the ordinary for the person you are at that time. Sometimes I am co-concious, which means I see things as they are happening yet have no control over them. Equate it to watching a movie, or being in the back seat of a car. IF you've ever gotten high, it could be something like that...everything seems unreal. YOu don't know if things are dreams or actually happened. At least that is when you actually were fortunate enough to be aware. Think of when you are driving, and you get highway hypnosis. WHere you suddenly realize your driving and don't quite remember how you got to where you were automatically. But equate it with living, talking, sleeping, eating, interacting. Waking up a week later, not sure what you've been doing... Its harsh. and different than split personality. IT is literally like you are someone your own body.
    P.S. I got to your link by searching on google for images... I liked your happy/sad face as sometimes that is how I feel...