Friday, 7 March 2008

Ex-Grads visit from EA and Blackrock Studio

Today we have the honour to invite our senior back from EA and Backrock Studio to give us some talks about how to break into the game industry.

Wow~ EA and Blackrock~ They are both big 3* company that graduates will break their head of trying to squeeze in. And now, we have their "secret" on how to do that, Muahahah ~~!!
Besides that, we had a chance to try out a yet-to-release new game from Blackrock and chit-chats with them in casual and uncasual way ;)

David is trying the new game first hand. Photo from

Truthfully, breaking into the game industry is hard. Did i say hard? I mean EXTREMELY hard. Everyone knows it and that is the nightmare for me. Why? Because I am a foreigner to UK and it won't be easy for me to get a job here, even I get a distinction?
*Sigh* *praying*

Happy moment with senior. Photo from

Luckily enough, all the lecturers (especially Jon) are so helpful to arrange all the seminars, talks, visits from game studio around UK. They don't even let go a single chance to help us. And they teach us how to prepare a good portfolio too, kids.

Oh ya~! Guess what? I'm on screen - Computer screen. I'm featured in Rob Miles' blog site. Wohoho~~ I must be famous by now.

Photo captured from

For those who don't know who Rob Miles is, he is our lecturer in Hull University. On the other hand, he is one of the judges in Imagine Cup as well... His blog site is so famous among the community and you guys should visit it frequently. There are tons of fun stuff in there and you can find tips and hints on how to program your own game in C# there as well.

Thanks, Rob.


  1. You know what, I can't stop laughing when I saw that u guys use "D&D" as the team name... LoL~

  2. Can't think of any name mar~
    Not as creative as you.