Thursday, 20 March 2008

Frontier Open Day

I know it is late to post this as this happened weeks ago. But anyway, I am still going to talk about it :p

It was 2 months ago when I applied for Frontier Open Day and after a month, a sad news came to me. Yeah, they rejected me. I ain't good enough to even attend their Open Day. But hey~ I'm not a person that give up so easily, k?

With a passionate heart, I prayed everynight that someone will drop their offer so that i can replace them :p Heh Heh~~ God must have listen to my prayer. I got the offer - to attend their open day.

Frontier really open my eyes to the Game industry. I learnt alot during the day, from company organization to techniques implementation in game.

The Open Day separated into 5 sessions and I cannot tell you much about it :p

Each sessions focus on different part of the game production and i found that physics session interest me the most. Due to my interest in physics and maths, I chose to step into engineering field during my degree course and Game Programming for my master degree. The physics and animation techniques and tools in Frontier definitely catch my eyes.

The other session that interest me alot is the introduction by David Braben, the co-founder of Frontier. The explanation of their Next-Gen games make me eagerly hoping to join their team. The direction of the company is so right that me as a neuro-robot-fanatic can't agree more that Artificial Intelligence is the CORE for next-gen game. Non-player character(NPC) in next-gen game should behave like a human being who can move, think and learn.

By the way, their new game that will appear only on WiiWare will surely catch your attention even you do not own a Wii. Lost Wind.
It has a unique game play and a gorgeous graphics. Remember to get it when it's out.

And The Outsider will be the next big release to look for - the real Next-Gen game.

If I'm honour enough to work with this great team, I will surely giving the best out of me to help them. ;)

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