Sunday, 9 March 2008


Pata - Pata - Pata - Pon
Chika - Chika - Chika - Pon

When this rhythm 1st jump out from my lappie speaker, it made me laugh. And it still does. Don't you feel it is funny?

This PSP game will definitely catch people attention. It is a success for Sony Japan Studio. What do we need to make a person buy a game? There are many way to achieve that. Patapon has them all.

With nice sound effect, cute character design, unique way to control the game, Patapon already has 80% of what a successful game should have. I reckon you will find yourself stuck with the "Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon" in your head after 5 minutes of play.

Yaripon, the powerful hunters

Further more, the bunch shortie-cutie character with one big eye can make you easily draw them on any trash paper when ever you are bored. What does this mean? A successful advertisement for Sony Studio :p

Yumipon, the great archers

If you like God game or if you have a passion to rule the world, you can try this out. In Patapon, you are THE mighty one~ who will lead patapons to against their enemies. You will have your army and you need to command them by using some specific rhythm, like Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon to attack, to defense, and to march.

Other characters~

The cartoon shading creates a friendly environment that suits all children and those with young heart. All the character in the game are uniquely designed and sound effects are associated with on screen text to enhance the gameplay feeling.

For me, if I have a PSP with me, I will definitely give it a try. It is relaxing~

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