Sunday, 20 April 2008

Battlefield Game Effect

As this site is my main website, i should put it here as well.
Following is my screen shot for my 2nd semester Shader programming course work. It is written in ATI Render Monkey.

Basic Effects:
  • Textured terrain
  • Combat vehicles and military equipments
  • Flying Shiny aircraft
  • Animated water
  • Sky and mountain
  • Bumpy brick walls
  • Fire, smoke and explosions
  • Animated battle flags
  • Animated tongue of fire
  • Sand clouds
  • Shadow effects
  • Ray traced reflection and refraction effects

Techniques used:

  • Ray trace
  • Bump mapping / Parallex mapping
  • Cube mapping
  • Particles Effects
  • Billboarding

Screen Shots

Skybox environment

Texture mapping Terrain with noise pattern

Per-pixel animated water with cube mapping.

Cube environment mapping airplane

Texture-mapped with per-pixel lighting bomb launcher

Wood grain effect bridge

Explosion - particle system with Euler Integration

Fire and Smoke with Particle System and billboarding

Per-vertex animated flag

Jet tounge with particle system and billboarding

Mandelbrot’s Fractal pattern Missiles

Ray trace Reflection

Sand Cloud with particle system and billboarding

Light-mapped Shadow from airplane

Phong shading army vehicle with distortion texture mapping to show the effect of camouflage.

Parallax-mapped wall

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