Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Evader

Maybe the title doesn't really mean anything but I can't think of anything title that is more suitable than this. This post is all about my recent updates to my online portfolio.

Since the beginning of my group project, i've started to code most of the base classes for AI in the project. Yeah~ i chose to in charge of AI in the game. Some research has been done and I have compiled some of them together in demo shows here and here.

For most of the moving entity in this world, they have a brain to make significant decision and a body to carry out those decisions made. To build a game character or a robot, we need to do exactlythe same thing what has GOD done - give them a brain and body. In AI field, they called it steering behaviour or motion for the body. For the brain, there are many ways to design it, thus, there are many ways to called it. The simplest should be State machine, the one i chose to use.

I have open up a new blog to put in any research or study on AI field, the URL is:
For the time being, there are only 3 posts related to some basic maths.

In The Evader, total number of 11 agents which consist of an evader and 10 chaser have been added. You will noticed that the evader will try to escape from the chaser with high speed while the chaser will search and attack it. Player has not much control in the demo, throughfully. However, player can choose to help the evader by either dragging it around by mouse or shooting laser from the evader to force the chaser to run away, at least for a while. More controls and infomation will put in to make it a real game :p

You may noticed that the chasers will wandering around the scene to search for the evader, observing where the evader is heading towards, and attacking the evader with higher speed. Oh yeah~ and they will try to avoid the laser. Quite smart har~ :p

I don't know what to say more about it since this blog should not contains any technical stuff. For more information about the evader, you can visit

Oh yea, the graphic of the demo may not be impressive but at least it shows the AI's part of it.

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