Sunday, 13 April 2008

Linux + Programming = Trouble

I have been trying to make my programming IDE work in Ubuntu for days but it seems that Mr. Ubuntu or Mr. Penguin doesn't like me at all. It only allow me to surf net, watch video, listen to MP3, and use Open Office.

After spent 1 and a half day to setup suppose-to-be little ubuntu and THE Code::Blocks IDE, I can finally see some rotating cone and sphere from Code::Blocks GLUT sample. However, after i put all my present course work code into it...... Errors pops up... and up.. and up... OMG~~~~ and these errors took me another 1 and a half day. Ok.. not quite, but still a lot of time.

Finally... all errors are gone and I was so happy till the program breaks. @@ What's going on now~?? "Segmentation Failure" ??? What is that? After searched throught internet, people around says it is due to memory violation...But but... What did i do.. isn't it the same way I used to code in Visual Studio???

HELP~ anyone.. please.... help >.<

1 comment:

  1. God bless you!
    I have a difficult time to set up Ubuntu for my previous work as well... XD

    My spirit will always stay with you. :p