Wednesday, 11 June 2008

iPhone 3G

Received an email from Apple today and what's inside is an invitation to view keynote made by Steve Jobs from Apple. What is it about? iPhone 3G.

It was April last year when I first watched the keynote for 1st generation of iPhone and it was amazing. Shhh.... actually I watched it with my ex-colleagues in meeting room when someone was presenting. We were shocked and we are all hoping to get one as soon as possible.... but unfortunately till the day I left, none of us get to lay a finger on it.

I guess I was the 1st to actually touch it among my colleagues. It's all because i came to U.K :p Thanks to my master degree course that I'm still suffering in it.

Now, what's turn out is Apple launched its 2nd generation of iPhone called iPhone 3G and yet the 1st generation is still not available in Malaysia. I bet most of the people not really happy with it. What's worst is - iPhone 3G will be available in Singapore, country next to Malaysia, and yet none of the Malaysians can have them. Ok. They can buy it from Singapore and use it as an ordinary iPod.... but not as a phone. What's the point?

And tell you what? What make me confused and was jumping up and down is... iPhone 3G will be available in Kenya.... KENYA.... where is it? Do they actually know mobile phone? *sigh*
Luckily Indonesia and Thailand are not in the list.

Ok.. What other new features it offers?

3G ??? faster data transfer speed? Hmm... not bad. As fast as Wifi? Which one? 802.11b ?? or 802.11G ?? or 802.11N ?? I will use WiFi anyway.

GPS. To track our own location? I'm not driving currently, so, not my business. Even i go back malaysia, it wont work.

Better battery life. Nice.

More languages. Ok.. I need this as sometime I do need Chinese input. And i'm amazed that even have hand writing recognition. Sweet.

More Countries? Don't try to bring back my sad and bad memory again.

App store. hmm... i don't need it now... but maybe i will use it if i have one :) The most important thing is they allow third party applications. I can now build my own app and game on it. But 1st of all... i will need a MacBook air. Hey.. i need a Mac to develop app for it, right? It wont work on Microsoft Windows.

Last. Price. Just imagine this. The price tag when they 1st launched iPhone is $599. It dropped to $399. And now???? Guess what, it is only $199. $199 ~~!!!! Bloody hell. How much is it in Ringgit? Less than RM800. Or to be more precise, it's only cost RM636.80. This is dirt cheap, ok? It's even cheaper than iPod.

Tell me now, Who will buy a damn iPod?

p/s: this time, iPhone come with Black or white colour. Not silver anymore :)


Those who interested to the keynote presentation, here is the link.

For those who like to use OS X in normal PC, follow this link.

And those who have a mac or have a Hackingtosh, and willing to try the iPhone SDK, here is the link.


  1. Ran into your blog today. Cool stuff. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks man... Glad that you like it.