Monday, 28 July 2008

Google Rival??

Google has ruled the internet world for few years now, from search engine to email, from google desktop to google earth. It conquered most of the area covered by internet.

Microsoft and Yahoo! have both tried to pull it down but yet to success. And today the true rival has landed. Some of you may have noticed that a search engine named Cuil has created and it seems like a potential hot topic days from now.


It looks cool from the first page where it takes black and blue color as its theme. The design is brilliant and the search result page is totally different from other search engine where most of them shows only line of texts and in a boring way. Unlike MSN and Yahoo!, Cuil shows the result in column based with potential search topics on separate tab on top.


However........ after a few tries on the search engine, it shows me this.
Which is kind of annoying.

Is it really that popular??

Let's see how it goes~!

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