Friday, 12 September 2008


I'm sitting in front of "My PC" in university lab and it's now 0024. Yes... its midnight and what the heck am i doing right here during the night? Not that I dont want to get a good sleep or what. I need to finish my thesis by tonight. Heck.

Besides, I'm bored. I wrote for almost 15k words and now i cant dig into my head any further for single word. The demonstration this afternoon went out so wrong. I didnt prepare for it because I have been writing the final report for weeks and keep modifying my game till the last minute. There is so much to do, so much to add.

I have 2 supervisors and they are TOTALLY different kind of person. One is expecting my report and demonstration to be easily understandable (keep it as brief as I can) and the other one is expecting me to do the other way round, which is with a lot of technical details. Why why why~~ !!! who should I listen to??? and now i have only 14 hours left for me to write it. Oh no, its only 12 hours left as I need to print it out and comb-bind it. Damn~

okok..... Not suppose to be so depressing.

Apple just released its new batch of iPod Nano-Chromatic and iPod Touch. And iPhone 3G few months back. I want them. I want them ALLLLLLL. i know i'm greedy. Ok ok.. I want only iPhone. I want to play with it. Listen music from it, watch movie from it and play my OWN game from it. It definitely nice if i can develop my own game and play it on iPhone. Oh~ I need a mac book before that. Damn. So many geeky stuff in my wish list. iPhone, MacBook, PS3. When can i have them all?

Talk about iPod, Sony market a boombox which can accommodate iPod Touch in it. For me, it looks stupid. Who will bring this bulky radio-type of music player these days? Maybe street dancer? and it can be used only with iPod touch and iPhone.


It's 0039 and i think i need to get back to work. *Sigh*

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