Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Internet Browser

Short talk:
Yeah yeah~~ I have become a geek, i know.
All my posts since past 3 months are all related to games and technology. Not about my life anymore :(

Again, this post is about technology.

Here is the LWDING.COM on Google Chrome.
LWDING.COM on Chrome
The first impression is simple, clean and I LOVE IT~!!!

Here is the download link for Google Chrome.
Here is the features list.

When I first lied my finger on the keyboard and mouse, I used to browse the internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. That is the only browser i knew and all i needed was just checking email and uses the internet to contact my brother in Australia.

After a few months, I changed to use Netscape Navigator since it looks cooler and it has more functionalities compared to IE 2.0 (Now you can imagine how old i am). From there on, i switched between them for a few times once either of them came out a new version.

Then the Mozilla Firefox came from the sky like a savior to rescue all his children who are still suffering. It bring us secure connections, add-ons, themes and all the functionalities that surpass any other browsers.

But... there is always a but... The user these days uses web browser not only to check emails or surfing web pages with text only. They uses it as a controller or manager to browser other internet application. Websites not as simple as a pure text based document anymore. It contains of rich text, images, java scipts and all kind of applications. These webpages flooded the capability of the browsers that was designed for simple webpages.

Google. A company that study and focus on user experience, has officially announced a new lab product - Google Chrome.


It is a brand new web browser that design from scratch. It speeds things up. One of the thing that I hate about using current internet browser is when I open up tabs for long time (for whole day?), the browser will eat up more and more memory even though I didnt open any new tabs. What worse is if any websites crash, instead of the tab is not functioning, the whole internet browser crash and become not functioning (sounds familiar??). Even Firefox can't avoid it. With a new implementation from google Chrome, a new tab means a new process. This separate the tabs into applications instead of all under a single thread application. This allow user to close any tab that is not functioning :)

Another new feature added in Chrome is the task manager. Just like our Operating System, it allows us to monitor the memory usage, CPU usage and even allow us to monitor which website is downloading the most. With this cool feature, we can eliminate any unnecessary website to prevent any memory abuse.

Even though the product has yet to release, I'm completely believe that Google will not disapoint any of us.

The beta version is going to release soon, I will definitely be the first batch to try it out.

Let's rock, Chrome :)

P/S: while waiting for the beta release, you can read to know more about google chrome.

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