Sunday, 12 October 2008

Life changed

I just noticed that the last blog I posted is on the day I submitted my dissertation. Yeah, it's been a month and now my life changed since then.

Within this past month, I went through some "1st time" in my life. After the submission, it's the 1st time I moved in UK. I moved most of my stuff to the current address, then for the 1st time I stayed in the same hostel for 1 week. Then the 1st time I started to work in UK. 1St time to commute to work from London to Cambridge and it takes 1 hour for the train and around 2 hours from door to door.

2 of the most exciting 1st time in my life are: I started to work in game company and the current flat(should call it apartment?) I'm staying in.

For the money I pay for this room in this apartment, I do feel it worth every penny. With a room a but smaller than the one back in Hull, I get a living room and kitchen which come with a washing machine, a dish washer and a built-in refrigerator. I know this does not sound interesting at all, but the decorating is nice with natural colour. The best thing is it situated next to the thames with nice scenery, swimming pool and gym.

Now you know my apartment level :p



Living room

View from balcony

Courtyard of my apartment

Swimming Pool


Barbecue area

Night view over the thames to Canary Wharf

Oh.. and the area of this apartment situated in is like the reserved jungle that you hardly find in London.

Here is the exact location of my new home:

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  1. Looks sooooooooo NICE leh...!!
    Can't wait to visit u and Danielle and stay in your apartment.. :p

  2. Haha... Maybe when the time you come, we already move to another house lor :p

    You need to come now if you want to stay in this apartment. Plan with Ung and Leong Wai. Ung told me he wants to come visit us :)

  3. Hehe... At least need to wait till I grad and see got $$$ or not. Now is under a lack of $$ and lack of time situation.. *sob sob*

  4. waaa...
    i wan to cry...
    i can say your house....

    your house.....





    ok fine i duno wat to say. Its too sweet T__T

  5. haha... Ee Jean....
    Come here come here. Then you can stay at my house :)