Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Cosplay in London MCM Expo

We went to London MCM Expo in ExCel London last last Saturday and here are some photos from the event. MCM stands for Movie Comic Media.

The event venue has been divided into sections which called Anime Village,Games Village, Cosplay Village, Comic Village, and Manga Alley.

For more information about the event, please visits

This is how it looks like when there is HUGE event.


We need to go through thorough search by Storm Troopers.

Stalls everywhere.

If you came in without a ticket, Jedi will be there waiting. And you should know what happen next.

If the Jedi is just a piece of cake to you, try this Special Force then.

After you've been captured, dance-dance-revolution in specially-made cell till you die is your only choice.

You could locate this chubby Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans of Dragon Ball, if you lucky enough.

I miss my model kits back in Malaysia :(

Kakashi Sensei was on leave that day to join the event.

With Kurotshuchi Mayuri from 12th Division of Bleach

Oh... And don't forget about their girlfriend - Chi(Chobits)

And with lots of their friends.

After visited some stalls, we noticed that IChigo must be suffering alot from the global recession as he is selling his mask - for only £19.99.

Guess what?? If any of you is thinking of grabbing some freebies without permission or money, this is what you will get.

Storm troopers will trace you down and give you a blast~!!

Or maybe you will be forced to post in Power ranger suit.

Final Fantasy

Ghost busters

and their equipments

I think this is the most stunning suit in that event:

Sorry, I can't recall which character is this :p

Batman: Be a good boy and become a good batman in future.
Little boy: But.. but... I want to become a Spiderman ~ !!

You could find all sort of characters jumped out from screens and comic books to join this event.

See... Predators

and Alien...

Oh, god. This is how they will ended-up being in same location

Furious, rage, revenge~~

Hmm... Something going wrong here.

They are hugging each other~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was my expression when I saw that.......


  1. LOL~ It's cool man!!
    How come there is no gundam character? LOL~

  2. Unfortunately no...
    Maybe in Japan :p