Monday, 2 February 2009


We just came back from our lovely 2 weeks holiday. It was a great holiday as we managed to get some reunion meals with family and friends. And some Ang Pow too :)

Family is the main reason we go back to Malaysia… who don’t miss their family are evils. Of course we go back Malaysia for food too… the food in UK is boring :p London is alright… at least have more variety.

We was sooo tired yesterday that we slept for more than 14 hours. What we did is just unpacked our luggage and throw everything on the floor and sneaked into the blanket and sleep. By the time we woke up for the 1st time, it was already 12am. and the next thing we did is continue to sleep :p

I was so awake this morning that i woke up 6am and prepared myself for my 1st day of work after holiday. Here come the disaster… I wore all my bicycle gears and stepped out of the apartment  into the parking area. The strong wind blow all the snow straight to my face and make me blind for a second. “Shit..” I was thinking. Then only I noticed it is worse than that. My feet went into the snow for like 20cm just outside the car park and all i can see was snow, snow and snow. If I went out during noon with all that snow, i might need a sun glasses. At one time i thought i was in Jungfrau, Switzerland.


Its such a huge contrast for me as Malaysia’s weather is 33 degree celcius and 0 degree in UK. I’m feeling dizzy… hope that i can stay at home :(

By the way, the snow storm is the worst for 20 years in UK. And I'm that lucky to experience it :)


  1. So... You still cycling to work that morning? :p

  2. Yeah... no choice lar. Need to go work mar.