Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bioshock 2

Once you played Bioshock, you will definitely looking forwards to its sequel.


As the story ended as you being the king of the Rapture (depends on how you play the game), as a big daddy. Now you can use all kind of daddy’s weapons :) You can choose to adopt little sisters, or to harvest them to get the ADAM.

Besides, seems like we wont get bored for just the big daddy. Now we have big sister.

One of the most fascinating aspects for Bioshock is the water rendering. In the sequel, we are able to go out from the buildings. Means swim in the sea and get a bird-eye look over the whole underwater hidden city – Rapture.

I wonder what will it become when the development shift from 2K Boston to 2K Marin – which considered as a new studio though most of the staff are ex-bioshock developer.

Now… Let’s watch the teaser.

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