Wednesday, 6 May 2009


is a very common name for different stuff…

Like CLOUD in the sky…

CLOUD in Final Fantasy VII (Video Game)…

CLOUD-somersault in Journey to the West (uses by Sun WuKong)…

CLOUD – a very unique video game created by Jenova Chen


I am using CLOUD now.

This cloud can’t fly. But it can crawl… like a tortoise



As I just moved to Cambridge, yet to get my broadband, this is one of my option to get free internet. Another option will be Starbucks but not all of them supply free internet access.

Luckily enough, the Cloud is available in McDonald 2 miles away from my house. Yes and I’m blogging now.

Truthfully, this is the 1st time I get a soooo-slow Cloud internet access. Maybe it is because of the HotSpot location – City center.

Hmm… Search results from Cloud shows that there are 17 access in Cambridge. McDonalds, Pret A Manger, Hotels and even colleges. Not too bad. Will try others some other day.

Hope that my O2 broadband will come in faster. :(


p/s: Cloud does means a lot to me :)

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