Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Finally… Cambridge

A lot of people keep saying that my previous rented room in London is gorgeous.  That maybe true. We always look for a clean and nice place to stay. We have been through a lot of cases where sharing with people is not an enjoying experience. Luckily my previous housemate is fairly clean and he like to keep the house in an organized form.

When we first moved into that apartment, we rented a medium size car for all our stuff from Hull. Personally I feel that was a lot of stuff for just two of us in one year stay in UK. I was wrong. Darn wrong.Why I’m saying this? A lady that move in after us has double the amount of our stuff. Prove?

She have like 4 HUGE luggage bags with loads of stuff. A few teddy bears, i think. The image is all her stuff in our ex-living-room. Even my house mate was like “OMG”. God bless you, Gary :)

Back to Cambridge. As DC is going to move to Cambridge (finger-crossed), we decided to get a house/flat in Cambridge for us. And this time, it’s just for us. After filtered out loads of the ads from Gumtree, we decided to take a look at a few of them. Some of them are just “Argg… forget about it”, and some are quite nice. I took some videos of those houses but I don’t think it is appropriate to show them here. So, what I am going to show you is the one we decided to take.

It is a private housing area with just about 30-40 flats with own parking lot and secure bicycle parking. It is very near to all the shops like Tesco, ASDA, Boots, Argos, Sport Direct, Staples, Curry, Comet, PC World, TK Max, B&Q, HomeBase, Halfords, Dorothy Perkins, and etc (probably only those stay in UK know what are those). In short, it is very convenient. Walking to Tesco takes only 3 minutes :)

Click on the “View larger map” to see the street view around the area.

View Larger Map

Best thing is we have a very quiet environment and very friendly neighbours. They are very helpful and erm… you just need to feel it yourself.

Overlook from the flat to the parking spaces

After moved into this flat, we bought some simple furniture for us (but getting more from IKEA). We brought most of the stuff from London. Oh.. this time we took a very small van and took me two round for all the stuff. One of the reasons that they can’t fits is my bike needs to go on the van too.

This is the entrance corridor of the flat. The whole flat has a very natural deco and it makes me feel really like home. Its warm. I like white :)

Here is our living room. You might noticed that most of the stuff are from IKEA. Yeah, we love IKEA. Hmmm… need to get a larger LED TV now.

This is the master bedroom. It is empty at the moment as we are sleeping in the living room. But… we are getting more furniture from IKEA, yeah again, to fill this room up.

This is second room which come with a built-in wardrobe. We use it as our dressing room cum store room. You can see all DC’s shoes are there :) that's just 2 percent of them. Ok. What’s next. Bathroom.

A nice and clean bathroom. Does its job. All white. Come with bathtub and shower. Bath in it is just great :)

As we love to eat and cook, kitchen is quite important for us. This flat has a decent size kitchen with storage. Fairly new hob, oven, washer/dryer, and fridge/freezer. The slight disappointment is the fridge/freezer is not a size we expected. It get filled up just minute after we move in :(

However, it feel great to move to Cambridge. The environment is just different compared to London. You can feel relax atmosphere here.

Yeah.. finally. Cambridge after I commuted for 8 months between Cambridge and London :)

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