Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sugar On A Stick

I kind of hate the computer these days. Most of them are very slow. Maybe it was fast when you first install a fresh copy of OS, but hours later you will noticed that it became slower. It become worse if you install tons of useless software that you won't even use it once a month.

Which software you use the most? Text editor? Drawing software? or Calculator? Hah... I bet some of you only use a computer for browsing the internet. Prove me wrong.

I use internet browser all the time and that's one of the software I need for my laptop. What else? Media player and probably a simple notepad. As I only need such a small amount of applications to fill up my life in front of this little laptop, I don't really need a gigantic laptop with Intel core i7 processor and 4GB RAM which will eventually sits there and do the same amount of work and cost me a fortune to get it from store.

For a long time since I started working, I have been spoiled by the high speed top quality computer provided by company. My little 5 years old laptop became a old toy that sits there collecting dust while I'm playing with my PS3. I have been looking for a new laptop that will just do the work I need most of the time and possibily ultra thin and light. Netbook? I was considering it, till today, as I found a much better solution.

Sugar On A Stick - A simple OS with tools and applications that I need.

Oh yes, you heard it right. Sugar On A Stick. It's NOT the Jalapeno on a stick from Jeff Dunham's show. It's definitely not any kind of food nor sweet. But it's sweeeeet.

Take a look at it. Simple, clean and fun :)

S-O-A-S is a desktop environment developed for One Laptop per Child program. With that concept in mind, the development leads it towards an environment where simplicity come first. Although it is simple, it has the apps that most of us need.

The biggest selling point is it is FREE. Yes. FOC. Don't you like the word FREE? Ok... this is not really the biggest selling point, at least to me. It's fast and it can load in a memory stick. A 1GB thumb drive. Just imagine you carrying around your OS with all your data and just plug it into any computer and "Click", there's your computer :p

Super duper ultra portable.

If you like to try it out, just visit this site. You don't even need to uninstall any of your applications or format your hard-drive. It works like magic.

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