Monday, 27 July 2009

My food without DC

I know a lot of people might wonder how I survived without DC in UK. I wonder myself too, sometimes. For me to cook one person meal is hard as I’m greedy, I want everything in one meal. Vegetables, seafood, meat, carbohydrates and etc. Thus, most of the time i will end up with everything in one pot, which is bad, though it is edible.

Here is one example of how I passed my last few months. Pasta - Casarecce.

Casarecce is always good when you cook it with some bacon, broccoli, basil, and modified tomato sauce. Sausages is a plus too.

You can see chunks of sausages, carrots, and some broccolis. Of course the Sunny-side-up egg.

Yum yum~

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