Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Dev Tools Page

To make my life easier or perhaps yours too. Here is a brief list of what software/tools/application I use on my PC to help my daily routines. They are not sorted, so please bare with me. I will keep updating this page as I might need it myself too :)


Visual Studio extended scrollbar - with syntax highlighted thumbnail

Similar to Rock scroll - with more features.


The best code merge/diff tool.


If you use Windows Run or Command Prompt a lot, you will like this.

Google Desktop

It launches programs and does a very good job in searching both your computer and web, obviously.


Utility to manage multiple monitor. It allows you to maximize program to cross monitors and it supports more than 10 monitors.

JKDefrag - MyDefrag

Previously called JKDefrag has recently released its ver. 4.0 which come with scripting that makes it your (My) Defragment tool.

Foxit Reader

Comparatively fast PDF reader.

CutePDF Writer

Print to PDF when you can save paper and save the earth.

7-Zip or WinRAR

Has better compression compared to Zip.

VLC Media Player

Extremely fast media player.

Videora Converter

Free video converters to convert videos to PSP, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Android and etc.

Daemon Virtual CD iso mounter

This tool allows you to mount ISO file to virtual CD/DVD-rom.

Tor Anonymous Browsing

Setup to use Tor and you are the most secure person in the world.

Google Chrome

Fast start-up internet browser.


Who doesn't use it these days?

Google Docs

Online document editing tools. Supports all sorts of text documents, presentation slides, spread sheets and more.

Windows Live Writer

Free Offline blog writer.

Paint .Net

Free image editing tool. This is the tool I use to edit my photo before posting it up to Picasa.

Google Picasa

Edit, organize and share your photos. Synchronize seamlessly with the web Picasa.
Create panorama pictures.
Video editing tool.

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