Friday, 7 August 2009

My Special Day 2009

Mum, thanks for the card XD


So, here is what I did during my birthday.

I woke up happily in the early morning. Prepared myself, got the rented car and drove down to London to get myself a present :)

Astravan. Not bad at all - for the rent of 25 quid a day.

Arrived in London around 1.30pm to the warehouse. After I spent sometime waiting for sales person and testing out the present, I decided to take the risk of buying the secret present, since it was my birthday.

While we were completing the transaction in the internet cafe through PayPal, I managed to snap some photos.

Manana Cafe. Coffee smells nice but the internet darn slow.

Here is my present to myself and DC.

Noticed anything?? No? Never mind :p

That was my first stop of that day. Next destination was IKEA. I like to shop in IKEA as I always manage to get some ideas of how to decorate my "future" house and my workshop, though I do not own a house yet. Truthfully, the pricetag is not that bad in IKEA, isn't it?

My dinner of the day - Pasta with mince and Mandarin Cheesecake. Yum Yum~~

At the end of the day, I ended up stuffing all these into the car booth.

Purchases of the day


  1. Quite messy. So wat r u buying actually? it sound so secret!

  2. Oh... will show it in next post ;)

  3. Happy birthday ~